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is a small company that fills a unique niche in the field of construction. Many people have construction needs that don't quite fit the scope of a large company. Say you would like to build a patio cover but you don't like the stock sheet metal or plastic models that everybody else sells or you would like a pantry that goes in a custom spot in your kitchen. 

Scott has built many unusual and one of a kind structures that fill these types of needs.  From patio pergolas with Greek columns to a pump house with an functioning water wheel Scott can provide creative solutions to unique problems.

Scott Mikel Creative fences are another of Scott's specialties. Ugly unimaginative cedar boards nailed on some 2x4s add precious little to a yard or garden space. With a little imagination and creativity a fence or yard partition can be a thing of beauty.
Specializing in bathrooms and kitchens he has the creative ability to come up with a plan that makes the best use of odd or wasted spaces.  If your round peg idea doesn't fit in your square peg house, Scott can help.

Scott has spent many hours studying architectural styles and design and specializes in arts and crafts and modern styles.

A man of many talents, Scott is also a real estate broker and has been a certified teacher. These two fields come together well in the construction business. He offers his help as a DIY mentor and can help you get started on a project and guide you through to the end. If you are contemplating a remodel he provides a cost vs. value analysis to help you see if the money you are contemplating spending will provide a return.

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