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View of Columbia RiverThe Vancouver area and Clark County is one of the nation’s premier locations for scenic real estate. There are numerous towns along the Columbia River, and homes throughout the County offer views of the river as well as lush valleys and the unmistakable Mt. Rainier. Mt. St. Helens is also visible throughout the county. The scenery at hand for residents is unmatched on the west coast of the U.S.

Homes in this count boast stunning mountain vistas, striking views of the Columbia River and prime views of the region’s wealth of idyllic lakes and streams. In addition, Clark County itself boasts an outstanding quality of life, great amenities and a wealth of local attractions to enjoy. For those seeking a home with a view, Clark County has few equals in the United States.

Columbia River BridgeReal estate in the county offers spectacular scenery, affordable prices and stable value. Homes come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and price ranges and include spacious single-family homes, starter homes, multifamily homes and rural cabins surrounded by enchanting scenery. Waterfront properties in Clark County WA abound and offer scenic lakefront views at great prices. Riverfront properties in Clark County boast spectacular views of the Columbia River while mountain view properties are easy to find as well. Overall, scenic homes offer a mix of breathtaking scenery, reasonable prices and prime locations that’s hard to beat.

View of Mount RainierAll of Clark County is filled with beautiful parks, lakes, rivers and scenic protected areas that offer a wealth of outdoor activities. The Columbia River and Vancouver Lake offer exceptional fishing, water sports and boating opportunities while the Cascade Mountains and Silver Star Mountain offer hiking, mountain climbing, biking, camping and much more.

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